Specializing in ABS, Cast Iron, Copper, PEX and PVC Piping Repair

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Regardless of the material it's made from, Patriot Plumbing Mechanical LLC can fix your plumbing lines. However, our team in Toms River, NJ excels at making ABS, cast iron, copper, PEX and PVC piping repairs.

Need to replace your plumbing lines? We can re-pipe your home, as well as run new plumbing lines to your...

  • Hose bib
  • Outdoor shower
  • Ventilation system

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Want a durable plumbing system?

Want a durable plumbing system?

Compared with plastic, metal is more durable and heat-resistant, making it the material of choice for plumbing. Whether you're looking into copper or cast iron piping, our installation technicians in Toms River, NJ can update your plumbing system with your desired type of pipe.

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